CAN Annual Policy Document – Glasgow: Time for Solidarity and Ambition, November 2021

27 Oct 2021

The Science of Temperature Overshoots: Impacts, Uncertainties and implications for near-term emissions reductions

11 Oct 2021

CAN Briefing: Pre-COP26

30 Sep 2021

Safety and Equity Demands and Principles for COP26

3 Aug 2021

CAN Briefing on IPCC-IPBES Working Group report

29 Jul 2021

Nature-based Solutions in Action: Lessons from the Frontline

27 Jul 2021

COP26 Five-Point Plan for Solidarity, Fairness and Prosperity

15 Jul 2021

CAN Intervention: Stocktake Plenary, Virtual SB 2021, June 2021

12 Jul 2021

CAN Intervention: SBSTA ‐ Matters relating to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement- Any other matters raised by Parties, June 2021

8 Jul 2021

CAN Intervention: SBI – National Adaptation Plans, June 2021

8 Jul 2021

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