The Covid19 pandemic disrupted the ‘2020 Year of Ambition’ on climate change as well as the political agenda around it. As a result, scheduled national and international policy meetings have been cancelled or delayed. The pandemic has demonstrated why governments must urgently address the multiple crises that the world is facing and why we need a concerted effort to fix underlying economic, social and political systems  to bring about far-reaching and profound transformative change.

CAN’s strategy aims to build, sustain and renew pressure on governments, particularly the world’s largest emitters and the richest countries. They must lead by example and deliver transformative climate action plans that take a whole-society approach to keep warming below 1.5ºC. CAN calls for enhanced, ambitious, equitable transformative and people-centred NDCs. This means they have to be inclusive, representative and transparent. Their development must involve the full and meaningful participation by civil society from the outset. They also have to facilitate an economy-wide and inclusive just transition.

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Transition in Action

Transition in Action showcases and supports the people who are accelerating the just transition from a world that relies on polluting fossil fuels to a world powered by 100% renewable energy.

This map showcases the Transition in Action. People around the world are fighting to keep fossil fuels in the ground, harness renewable energy and boost energy efficiency.

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