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Civil society representatives react to the IPCC Synthesis Report 

20 Mar 2023

20 March 2023: The IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report published today holds a mirror up to the scale of the climate crisis and lays out in stark detail why the end of the fossil fuel era starts now. The body of science from the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment cycle provides irrefutable evidence to governments who have now […]

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“Upcoming IPCC report must signal to polluters their time is up”

10 Mar 2023

Picture credit : Manon Koningstein The Summary for Policymakers for the upcoming IPCC Synthesis Report, under the current Sixth Assessment Cycle, will be approved by governments between 13-19 March in Interlaken, Switzerland, and the full report published on 20 March 10 March 2023: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Synthesis Report under the Sixth […]

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Pressure mounts to remove polluters, not just oil exec, from UN climate talks

26 Jan 2023

In a letter to the parties of the UNFCCC, Simon Stiell, executive secretary of the body, and United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, civil society groups detail ADNOC’s outsized role in fueling the climate crisis, as well as the negligence of world governments in allowing polluters to steer the agenda of global talks.

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Landmark decision at COP27 to set up Loss and Damage Fund  

20 Nov 2022

Civil society groups welcome fund as a first step to rectify the systemic injustice to those suffering disproportionately from climate devastation, especially in the global South.  20 November 2022, Sharm-el Sheikh: Today in a long overdue decision, three decades in the making, all governments at COP27 agreed to set up a Loss and Damage Fund. […]

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As COP27 drags into the eleventh hour, worrying divergences remain on key issues

18 Nov 2022

“COP27 is turning into a  ‘repetition’ COP. The situation is serious with a deadlock on an agreement for a Loss and Damage facility.” Full press conference of 18 November available on: CAN: Climate Action Network Press Briefing on COP27 | UNFCCC 18 November 2022: “While it was pitched as an implementation COP, COP27 is turning […]

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“We are out of time, out of money and out of patience. We need a Loss and Damage finance facility now!” 

17 Nov 2022

Speaking at a press briefing today, civil society and government representatives underscored their demand that COP27 must establish a Loss and Damage finance facility.

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“COP27 must send clear political signals to renew efforts for strong outcomes at the UN Biodiversity conference next month”

16 Nov 2022

Full press conference of 16 November available on: CAN: Climate Action Network Press Briefing on COP27 | UNFCCC 16 November 2022:  Speaking at a press briefing today by Climate Action Network, civil society experts called for renewed attention to the intersection of biodiversity loss and climate devastation. We cannot focus on one and ignore the […]

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Finance for fossil fuels comes into focus on ‘Energy Day’ at COP27

15 Nov 2022

Today on Energy Day at COP27, civil society representatives looked closely at the issue of finance for fossil fuels and the lack of progress to end public funding for fossil fuel projects.

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US remains key blocker on adopting a Loss and Damage finance facility at COP27

14 Nov 2022

Full press conference of 14 November available on: CAN: Climate Action Network Press Briefing on COP27 | UNFCCC 14 November 2022:  Today civil society speakers at the Climate Action Network press briefing highlighted the outlook for week 2 of the negotiations at COP27.The panels responded to a new draft of the cover decision text that […]

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“We are not yet defeated”: Over 1000 people march inside the COP27 venue to demand climate justice

12 Nov 2022

12 November 2022. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt: With the slogan “We Are Not Yet Defeated” over a thousand people marched on the morning of 12th of November at COP27 in Egypt to make it clear that civil society will not give up on defending their demands. Environmental NGOs; the Women and Gender constituency;  Indigenous Peoples […]

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