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Thousands of Civil Society Organisations Call On Countries to Support Vanuatu Climate Justice Initiative

5 May 2022

05 MAY 2022: A global alliance of civil society groups, representing over 1500 civil society organisations in 130 countries, was launched today to support a powerful new climate justice initiative by the Government of Vanuatu to take the human rights impacts of climate change to the world’s highest court, the International Court of Justice. The […]

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“COP27 must commit to a finance facility on Loss and Damage”

3 May 2022

Minister reaffirms Scotland government’s commitment to keep Loss and Damage high on the political agenda this year and help build support for separate and additional funding to address Loss and Damage 03 May 2022: Speakers at a briefing today on the Glasgow Dialogue on Loss and Damage, organised by Climate Action Network International, Stamp Out […]

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Over 500 global groups call on world leaders to help end the Russian War in Ukraine and to end the reliance on fossil fuels

27 Apr 2022

Today over 500 civil society organisations from six continents urge world leaders to renew efforts to facilitate an end to the Russian war in Ukraine and to end a dangerous dependence on fossil fuels that is driving war, instability and conflicts globally. [Full letter to world leaders][French version][Spanish version] Two months after the start of […]

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Now is the time for legally binding targets on renewables

14 Apr 2022

In response to rising energy insecurity, CAN and REN21 call on governments to set measurable and legally binding renewable energy targets in line with science. 14 APRIL 2022: Today, Climate Action Network (CAN) and REN21 call on all governments to urgently set national targets on renewable energy that are legally binding and monitored by domestic and  international […]

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IPCC report: world’s scientists lay out opportunities to halve emissions in eight years   

4 Apr 2022

04 April 2022: Today the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the third report under the Sixth Assessment Cycle (AR6) which looks at climate change mitigation and the solutions and scenarios to limit warming to 1.5°C. The ground-breaking report is an obituary to the fossil fuel industry.It recommends rapid and deep cuts in emissions, […]

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New IPCC report paints harsh reality of unavoidable climate impacts and loss and damage

28 Feb 2022

This report must urgently galvanise political will, particularly from rich countries, to substantially scale up finance for adaptation and agree to a separate finance facility to address loss and damage, at COP27 this year. 28 February 2022: Today the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the second report under the Sixth Assessment Cycle (AR6) […]

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Civil society set expectations as governments prepare to approve landmark IPCC report on climate impacts

11 Feb 2022

11 February 2022: The forthcoming IPCC report on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability, the second report under the Sixth Assessment Cycle of the IPCC, is expected to lay out in stark detail the extent to which climate change is destroying people’s lives, livelihoods and well-being and damaging ecosystems and biodiversity. The formal approval process by governments on the Summary for Policymakers will […]

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COP26: Rich nations betray vulnerable people of the world

13 Nov 2021

UK government complicit with the US and the EU in blocking finance for loss and damage 13 November, Glasgow:  COP26 was supposed to be a ‘crisis COP’, a lifeline for the millions of people living in a permanent state of crisis- losing their lives, livelihoods and homes as a result of climate impacts caused by […]

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Civil society reacts to latest draft text from COP26: Developed countries erase proposal for loss and damage fund in new text

13 Nov 2021

13 November 2021 Glasgow: Tasneem Essop, Executive Director, Climate Action Network:The latest draft text from COP26 is a clear betrayal by rich nations- the US, the EU and the UK- of vulnerable communities in poor countries. By blocking the AOSIS and G77+ China proposal, representing 6 billion people, on the creation of a Glasgow Loss […]

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Watered down language in latest text on loss and damage puts COP26 in jeopardy

12 Nov 2021

Civil society speakers also raise concerns over loopholes in Article 6 negotiations that could ‘blow a hole’ in Paris Agreement 12 November, Glasgow: With COP26 running into overtime, speakers at a press briefing by Climate Action Network today highlighted that key issues in the decision text still remain in play with concerns raised over the […]

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