People’s Voices in National Climate Action Plans: Civil society perspectives from Kenya, the Kyrgyz Republic, Morocco and the Philippines

Effective engagement and leadership at the local level is essential for achieving high-level ambitious nationally determined contributions (NDCs). Analysis of the first NDCs submitted by Parties shows that they did not adequately incorporate solutions from communities at grassroots level, with regard both to emissions reduction and resilience building.

For the NDCs to be genuinely »nationally determined« and ensure that their implementation benefits from broad public support, countries should include domestic stakeholders in the development of their climate policies, action and adaptation plans.

This paper is thus rooted in our motivation to understand how trajectories of deep change can be triggered by civil society organisations (CSOs), as the representatives of communities and agents of change in socio-environmental contexts. We offer critical insights into the possibility of transformative change through four case studies (Kenya, the Kyrgyz Republic, Morocco and the Philippines) around how CSOs and non-State actors (NSAs) emerge in specific socio-environmental and political landscapes, what they do to catalyse change, and with which consequences.

Download file: http://17325-20210331.pdf

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