Climate change is affecting everybody everywhere. The poorest people, primarily in the global South and  Small Island States, are the least responsible for the climate crisis and least resourced to deal with the consequences. The climate crisis has exacerbated inequalities and social injustice, which has also been sharply highlighted during the Covid19 pandemic. With rising climate catastrophes: floods, cyclones, landslides, heatwaves and forest fires make headlines everyday, individual stories tend to get lost in data on death tolls and destruction.

Centering people in understanding the impacts of climate change means understanding how this impacts people’s everyday lives, their livelihoods, their cultures, their land and their relationship with the natural world. 

By placing the focus on people’s agency to demand change, CAN strives to build a political strategy to secure equity and justice through various ways, like advocating for finance for Loss & Damage, demanding debt cancellation for the poorest countries, and pressuring rich countries to honour their obligations on finance and support under the Paris Agreement towards adaptation and mitigation in developing countries.

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The Climate Action Network #WorldWeWant Campaign on Climate Impacts elevates the voices of communities at the frontlines of the climate crisis, demanding that governments respond with urgent ambition and action to protect people and build resilience.

The campaign drives collective action through the stories of communities affected by the climate crisis and serves as a clarion call for governments to address multiple and compounding crises to protect their citizens to ensure a safe and resilient future.


Through compelling, locally-produced, short smartphone videos we witness how decades of inaction on the climate crisis are impacting people, but also learn how communities are using grassroots solutions in both developing and developed countries to hold their leaders accountable.

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