Let’s fight for the #WorldWeWant: How to engage and participate in a collective push

23 July 2021


  • Share the stories widely on all social media channels.
  • Use this letter template to pressure your government representatives to act.
  • Become a citizen journalist and share stories and footage about impacts. To do so contact us here.
  • Use your vote and voice to choose candidates that include climate policies and action in their programmes.
  • Join mobilizations around you calling for climate and social justice. More information on such mobilizations can be found on the following websites: https://350.org/, https://fridaysforfuture.org/
  • Share your vision of the #WorldWeWant by contacting us here.


The #WorldWeWant Campaign on Climate Impacts amplifies the voices of people fighting to survive and thrive on the frontlines of multiple emergencies including the climate crisis, the COVID-19 Pandemic and economic and political upheavals. It reveals the consequences of decades of government inaction and highlights solutions required to inspire and achieve a safer, fairer, more just world that people aspire towards. It brings out the human faces of climate change to win more hearts and minds and build power for transformative change.  

The campaign leverages CAN´s unique ability to reach grassroots voices and connect them to a global audience through every medium possible. With interview and filming skills acquired through the campaign, CAN regional and national nodes and related communities also source visuals and local stories about impacts using their smartphones. The films are then edited professionally in a common look and feel, disseminated widely and used to increase awareness, garner wider support for systemic change and widen the space for impacted voices in climate advocacy.

However, these voices will only be heard if a collective effort is invested to amplify them widely.

In the words of the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres:

“these stories of urgency and resilience from the frontlines of the crisis are essential. They can inspire greater climate ambition around the globe but only if they are seen.” 


The current global health and climate crisis and economic and social breakdown is a testimony to the systemic failures governing people’s lives. These compounding crises are hitting vulnerable communities hardest while governments are still stalling transformative action. 

We need to raise awareness about the multiple emergencies, unleash the power of empathy and rally more voices behind social and climate justice to unify the voices calling for change. 

These stories from the frontlines are authentic evidence that the climate crisis is here. It is as less lethal as the COVID-19 Pandemic and requires governments to join efforts to address loss and adaptation with adequate finance and solidarity with affected communities.


CAN launched the campaign in October 2020 harvesting stories from 35 locations and 20 countries. The campaign will continue to COP27 in 2022 with focus on select countries while revealing more stories across geographies.

Additional information:

In the next phase, the campaign aims at featuring and making more visible the impacted and grassroots voices in national, regional and international advocacy to effect change, equality and climate and social justice. We will work with more partners and as ONE CAN to ensure that the voices that matter are centered and heard widely.

The campaign gained the support at the highest level namely from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and key civil society leaders from CARE, 350.org, WWF, Action Aid, Climate Reality, the Global Catholic Climate Movement and the Elders. 

Contact: hkilani@climatenetwork.org

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