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Centering people and climate impacts

Centering the stories of those impacted by the climate crisis and using their voices and experiences to advocate for lasting change towards a more resilient world is a priority for CAN’s work.

Ending Fossil Fuels

Stripping fossil fuel companies of their social and economic license to destroy the planet is a key pillar of CAN’s work.

Transformative national climate action plans

We hold governments accountable to the promise of the Paris Agreement to deliver ambitious climate targets to keep global warming below 1.5ºC.

Multilateral Action and Advocacy

As the civil society convener in the UN climate negotiations and other internatonal fora, CAN pushes for the strongest political outcomes that ensure a climate safe, just and sustainable future.

Building Power Through Movements

The political will to change the world will come through local communities and grassroots movements fighting together in solidarity to bring about a climate just and equitable world. CAN aspires to strengthen our regional and national civil society networks to ensure that all global advocacy and strategies are informed from the bottom-up.

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CAN has 1800+ member organisations in over 130 countries:

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At @Cop27P leaders must deliver ambition for a climate safe world!
Ensure #mitigation ambition by
➡️Rapidly phasing out all fossil fuels,
➡️Reducing emissions across sectors, &
➡️Scaling up #climatefinance
Sign @CANlntl letter before 7 Oct https://bit.ly/3EeWHj4

It is unacceptable that @COP27P cannot provide clarity on the visa process for different countries.
We need one system for all countries.
Every barrier to travel is a barrier to meaningful engagement at the COP. We demand better. When will this be addressed?

Example A for why insurance cannot be a solution for addressing climate-induced #LossAndDamage.
If rich nations are struggling to rebuild after every climate disaster what recourse do poorer nations have?
This is why we need a finance facility for #LossAndDamage


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