CAN Intervention: SBI – Review of the Doha work programme, June 2021

Thank you for letting us speak at the start of this session.

We would like to thank the co-facilitators for preparing the informal note. We believe it provides a good tool for identifying the elements that emerged during the informal consultations, as well as elements of convergence among Parties’ and non-Parties’ stakeholders.

In particular, we would like to express our appreciation for the inclusion of human rights among the guiding principles, the action plan, establishment of a Task Force as well as the need for financing of ACE activities.

The past ACE work programmes have focused to a large extent on the identification and sharing of good practices, enabling mutual learning amongst state Parties and stakeholders. To complement and go beyond this work and to further contribute to the enhanced implementation of ACE, we believe that the new work programme should review proactively the barriers to the promotion of ACE and opportunities to overcome those. As the IPCC has emphasized that civil society is essential to drive effective climate action, the new ACE work programme should strive to identify and solve any hindrance posed to full and effective contributions of stakeholders to climate action.

Download file: http://CAN-Intervention_SBI-Review-of-the-Doha-work-programme_June-2021-2.pdf

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