CAN Joint SBI-SBSTA Closing Intervention, Virtual SB 2021, June 2021

Parties came together for this virtual session despite the many challenges, including working across time zones and dealing with technical issues. CAN acknowledges efforts made to make progress on key issues needed ahead of COP26. However, much work lies ahead with only 20 weeks away before Glasgow. The way forward remains opaque. We need ambition, trust, clarity and solidarity. That’s the bare minimum if we want to set the groundwork for a successful COP26.

CAN reiterates that building trust is critical for the successful completion of work at COP26. This trust can only be sealed with the fulfilment of commitments by developed countries, and in particular, the annual delivery of $100 bn until 2025  Overall, besides new pledges from Canada and Germany, the G7 failed to deliver on climate finance. Yes, Italy, Japan, the US and France, where are your pledges? The world is watching.  

Second, we need clarity to know more about where to go from here towards COP26. CAN calls for a plan to address the priorities and concerns of developing countries, which – in fact – should be a global concern,  such as climate finance, adaptation and loss & damage. These concerns must be addressed outside of the UNFCCC process but more importantly, within this process through a prioritised and balanced agenda at COP26. 

We are in a climate emergency, CAN call on the UK Presidency to use the upcoming weeks to set a process that helps provide clarity on the way forward ahead of COP26: 

  1. First: The UK Presidency must identify clear proposals to address the fundamental issues of climate finance, adaptation and loss & damage in the COP26 agenda 
  2. Second: The UK must provide clear scenarios to ensure COP26 will happen in a safe and inclusive manner, as well as to provide a timeline for making decisions on these scenarios

CAN would like to reiterate that we call for a rapid, equitable, global scale-up of vaccine distribution. COP26 delegates should not ‘jump the queue’ ahead of frontline workers, the elderly and other vulnerable people in their own countries. That’s not morally acceptable nor politically viable. CAN believes it’s unacceptable that the COP26 Presidency and other G7 nations have not endorsed the TRIPS waiver for a People’s Vaccine which sets back the achievement of vaccine equity and a safe world for all – as well as the balanced representation in Glasgow of all stakeholders.

We stand ready to work with anyone ready to build a 1.5 degrees compatible future and prevent dangerous climate change. We call for global solidarity, inclusiveness, clarity and transparency to address the immense challenges ahead of us and design a roadmap that leads towards a successful, inclusive and ambitious COP26 where Parties and Non-parties stakeholders work together towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

People Power, Climate Justice.

Download file: http://ENGO-CAN_Closing-intervention_-virtual-SB-2021-2.pdf

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