Fossil of the Day

Developed Countries, Japan, and Kuwait all win big, for being bad

9 Nov 2017

France Takes One Step Forward and One Step Back

8 Nov 2017

It’s Coal, Coal, Coal for Australia and Poland

7 Nov 2017

It’s a Ray for Those Still In

6 Nov 2017

What IS Fossil of the Day?

14 Oct 2017

Australia, Austria, and New Zealand win Fossils

16 Nov 2016

Winter is Coming for the European Commission

16 Nov 2016

Venezuela, come on! Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water

11 Nov 2016

The European Union Wins Big in Fossil Awards

10 Nov 2016

Turkey gets a Fossil Award for asking for more climate money but no plans to cut coal use

7 Nov 2016

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