Just Transition

Are we just in a transition or do we need to be in a just transition? A fundamentally important difference.

We have seen too often the blue-collar workforce being left behind with rapid unemployment in run-down regions as major industrial regions become graveyards for the steel, coal and other heavy industrial production sectors. This generates not only local poverty, economic and infrastructural decay of regions and cities affected, and frustration from lack of work alternatives with no transition plan by the responsible institutions and the company boards, but also the potential to fuel a right-wing and often anti-climate policy movement that can be anti-science and staunchly focused on traditional national interests.

But there are also examples where planned transition processes have occurred, some rather successful, others not. Further, recently the concept of “transitions to clean energy” might be part of the G20 agreements later this year, only with the “just” missing.   

Samantha Smith, formerly Director of the Global Energy and Climate team of WWF and now Director of the New Just Transition Center with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) will speak on this topic.



  • Short intro of CAN on necessity of JT for environmental/climate NGO strategy and coalitions
  • Presentation by Samantha Smith, Director Just Transition Centre ITUC
  • Q & A on technical & clarity issues
  • Discussion on next steps, loopholes, challenges and opportunities for accelerated deep decarbonisation and solidarity with the labour movement by CSO/CAN
  • Follow up and conclusions by CAN


Just Transitions Webinar- video

Download file: http://just_transition_centre_katowice_2018x-1.ppt

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