Increasing Mitigation Ambition in Doha


A good agreement in Doha requires considerable progress on mitigation issues. For 2012 there are four tracks for action that are in play and need to be utilized to the full. The needed decisions include:

Kyoto Protocol
  • Clarification of which countries will have quantified emission reduction commitments in Annex B in CP2: all developed countries should have their action anchored within the KP architecture. The agreement by the EU, Norway and Switzerland and others to be good faith actors is welcomed. Australia and New Zealand in particular should commit to take action in CP2
  • Increase developed country pledges within the KP:  Developed countries should, by COP18/CMP8, increase their 2020 pledges so that the combined effort, with the developed country pledges under the LCA, moves into the 25-40% range.  Translating pledges into QEROs must not lead to further de facto weakening of the pledges.
  • Agree the full package of amendments need for a ratifiable outcome: the complete package of KPamendments need to be adopted in Doha, so CP2 can be ratified and enter into effect in 2013. The package of amendments will need to be provisionally applied pending ratification.
  • Agree a KP adjustment procedure to increase pledges This should allow (real) unilateral increases in ambition and for ratcheting up of all Annex B QEROs following adequacy reviews. 
  • Close and/or narrow existing loopholes and avoid new loopholes opening up in the KP
  • Make the KP mechanisms fairer and more environmentally robust: Strengthen additionality and baseline rules for CDM and JI, require mandatory sustainable development monitoring for the CDM and eliminate JI track 2.


Download file: http://CAN_Doha_Mitigation_Ambition_Asks_September2012.pdf

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