CAN Submission on views on topics for and the structure of the second Glasgow Dialogue and Workshops 

What should the Transitional Committee accomplish?

The Transitional Committee has a clear, timebound objective  as follows: ‘The work of the Transitional Committee will be concluded with the adoption no later  than at COP 28 and CMA 5 of decision(s) related to the new funding arrangements  responding to Loss & Damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change,  including a focus on addressing Loss & Damage, and the fund established in paragraph 3 of  this decision’

It is crucial that the Transitional Committee leads to a concrete outcome that is centred around the new Fund focused on providing financing for addressing Loss & Damage and the task of the Transitional Committee should therefore be to recommend by COP28 a draft Governing Instrument for the Loss & Damage Fund that sets out its structure, governing arrangements, eligibility and core operational modalities to be confirmed by a decision of the COP/CMA, similarly to the precedent of the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) Transitional Committee with the adoption of its Governing Instrument by COP17 in Durban.  The Transitional Committee need not start from a blank page. The Adaptation Fund (AF)  and the GCF already have replicable elements and precedent setting procedures which can be grandfathered.

With this in mind, the second Glasgow Dialogue and the workshops should contribute to this purpose. CAN’s submission lays out the topics and structure of the second Glasgow Dialogue and workshops in a manner that can do so.



Download file: http://20231502_LDF_GD2_Workshops_Topics_Submission_CAN.pdf

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