CAN Submission: How to improve the Marrakech Partnership for enhancing ambition, July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking place against the backdrop of an ecological crisis. Just like the pandemic, the climate crisis has no borders and will require sustained international efforts and global solidarity.

There are no doubts that capacities and resources are being stretched as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds in different regions, but countries still need to act to fulfill the tasks ahead of them in terms of stepping up climate action in the short and long-term. In a context in which global climate meetings are being postponed to protect people's health, it becomes even more critical to have stakeholders and initiatives that act to both ensure that more ambitious climate commitments are made by governments, and that civil society participation and demands pledges aren't left behind in the process.

All actions taken now, whether as part of climate ambition or as part of a COVID-19 response, should reinforce the transformational shift we need for just, fair, equitable, resilient, healthy, inclusive and sustainable societies. The inclusion, support and empowerment of civil society groups and of the most vulnerable and marginalised communities is a fundamental aspect for a just and effective global strategy to address the climate crisis and the other interrelated challenges (e.g. poverty eradication, food security, social and racial justice, and gender equality). In the light of this, the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA)needs to provide space for civil society consultation, partnerships and participation, and should, therefore, constantly work to embrace and stimulate diversity, inclusiveness, and increase in representation, meaningful participation and voice from civil society organisations, in particular in the Global South.

Download file: http://can_international_submission_on_how_to_improve_the_marrakech_partnership_for_enhancing_ambition_july_2020-2.pdf

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