CAN Submission: Equity Under the ADP, June 2014

CAN welcomes this opportunity to make a short, clarifying submission on the demands of equity, which as we all know are fundamental to the success of the new agreement.  Adequacy in general, and the 2°C target in particular, will remain unachievable without equity; this is a hard truth that has major implications for mitigation, and adaptation, and means of implementation.  Thus we are encouraged to note that many key equity and ambition related elements are already contained in the co-chairs’ “landscape” note.  Parties must now move to further discuss and operationalize these elements.

If humanity is to prevent dangerous climate change, an equitable approach to the preparation of the nationally determined contributions will be required, one that mobilizes ambitious contributions from all countries.  Such an approach must dynamically assess their responsibility, their capabilities, and their sustainable development needs.  To that end, we believe that regular equity reviews of Parties' mitigation, finance, technology and capacity building contributions are required, and that – to avoid the lock-in of inadequate contributions – these reviews must be coupled with a process for repeatedly scaling up ambition.  The focus in all this must of course be the upcoming nationally determined contributions, which will properly and inevitably be evaluated in great detail. 

We believe that, if these evaluations are to be productive, the following points must be reflected in the pre-Paris negotiations and in the Paris outcome. 


Download file: http://climate_action_network_adp_equity_2june2014.pdf

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