CAN Position: Joint Implementation, June 2014

A decision to initiate the first review of the Joint Implementation (JI) guidelines was taken by Decision 4/CMP.6. At CMP.8 in Doha, Parties agreed on key attributes that would characterize the future operation of JI and requested the SBI to draft revised JI Modalities and Procedures (M&P). These new M&P will replace the existing JI Guidelines which were adopted by Decision 9/CMP.1. The draft text “Review of the joint implementation guidelines. Draft conclusions proposed by the Chair” will provide the basis for negotiations at SBI 41 in December 2014 in Lima. In our view, the draft text contains several critical points that need to be addressed before it should be adopted, in particular:

  • International oversight should be improved
  • Existing projects should be reassessed and then operate under new rules
  • Crediting periods should end in 2020
  • Retroactive crediting should be stopped
  • Stakeholder consultations should be strengthened
  • Atmospheric benefits should be achieving
  • No ERUs should be issued during the interim period

For more detailed information on how these recommendations can be implemented, please see below. 


Download file: http://can_position_ji_nov2014.pdf

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