CAN Joint Opening Intervention, COP25, December 2019

This conference starts against the backdrop of a wave of protests for a better life around the world, including in my home country, Chile, where COP25 was supposed to take place. What happens in Chile is just a symptom of a global problem: our current models do not sustain us and worsen the climate crisis.

Chile and the world is waking up. We see better than ever the dramatic impacts of the climate crisis and grave warnings from three recent IPCC reports. In response, a historic mass movement for climate justice is rising.
At the Climate Action Summit in September, heads of state and government from the biggest emitting nations failed to provide a response to the people and the science.

Now at this COP, we will hold ministers and leaders accountable and demand just solutions to the climate crisis:

  • How will you address loss and damage impacting the most marginalised through a robust Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage (WIM) review that provides real finance and support for impacted countries and people?

  • How can you ensure that market mechanisms do not undermine environmental integrity, human rights, and climate ambition as they have done in the past?

  • How will countries, especially major economies step up in 2020 and contribute their fair shares to the global effort to close the emissions gap towards the 1.5 degree threshold and raise national climate ambition in the next decade as we cannot afford another lost decade?

We are not lacking ideas but you are lacking the political will. Parties, you must start raising your domestic climate ambitions while internalising the inherent social, economic and climate justice linkages. 

We are more united than ever. With the full power of our networks Climate Action Network and Climate justice movements from around the world, we are closing ranks with the people on the streets and hold your leaders accountable!


Download file: http://can_engo_joint_opening_intervention_cop25_0.pdf

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