CAN Intervention in the SB38/ADP2-2 Bonn Intersessional: SBI Closing Plenary, 14 June, 2013

SBI Closing Plenary Intervention 

-Delivered by Sebastien Duyck

Thank you Mr Chair,

Climate Action Network came to this session of the SBI with mainly two main expectations.

We are extremely disappointed by the fact that we have not been able to begin reviewing the adequacy of the global deal at the light of the latest science. The review is a crucial near-term opportunity to strengthen action to limit climate change.

We also expected progress towards the establishment of a mechanism to address loss and damage suffered by communities around the planet.

While the discussions in these halls could not even start addressing these important issues, local communities in Germany and in neighboring countries suffered on a daily basis losses and damages from unprecedented floods  – not to mention other impacts across the planet.

These issues are not only important to set a necessary sense of urgency for this process but they are also crucial elements of previous agreements and will need to play a key part to an outcome in Warsaw.

In this context, politicizing the process in the way some parties have done over the past weeks is simply unacceptable. We all know here that a solution to this situation will require higher political engagement.

Warsaw will need to put the “I” back in this body and deliver on “implementation”.

Thank you. 

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