CAN Intervention in the COP19 SBSTA Opening Plenary by Sixbert Mwanga, 11 November, 2013

Thank you, Chair.   I am Sixbert Mwanga, speaking for Climate Action Network.

In our view the difference between achieving or overshooting our climate temperature goal hinges on rapidly reducing emissions globally and, in turn, on a global deployment of environmentally and socially-sound low carbon technologies.  

Given the dauntingly limited emissions headroom described by the IPCC's emissions pathways and the worsening impacts of climate change already being experienced globally, we urgently need to leverage global technology cooperation to deploy technologies and know-how that limit emissions and provide resilience to locked-in warming. 

We can help accomplish this by mandating an adequately, reliably and publically funded Technology Mechanism to:

1.    Build a knowledge base and facilitate sharing of technologies and expertise that directly helps technology implementation in developing countries and,

2.    Undertake the building of two tools: (1) A strategic tool, addressing all countries and informed by the existing processes such as NAMAs, NAPs, and Low Carbon Development Strategies, that will track and surface appropriate technologies along with best practices to optimize their use and; (2) An implementing platform that can help streamline the process for developing countries by providing a portfolio of optimized Technology Action Plans for a variety of national circumstances.

Thank you. 

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