CAN Intervention in the COP19 COP Plenary on Finance, Agenda Item 11, 13 November, 2013


Thank you chair. My name is Aissatou Diouf and I speak on behalf of Climate Action Network.

Let us be clear, progress on climate finance is a key pre-condition for agreeing a 2015 Paris Package.

This requires developed countries to demonstrate year-on-year increases in public finance. As the LTF Work Programme confirmed, predictability is essential for developing countries to plan action. We are looking forward to announcements on public finance by developed countries to clear up the fog and tell us what is going to be provided now and in the immediate future.  

We also need to look beyond: Work on global finance roadmap with agreed interim milestones for how public finance will be scaled up before 2020.  This should be complimented by agreement to clarify how finance will be scaled up at a national level. EU finance ministers committed two years ago to identify such pathways. We now urge the EU to live up to that intent, and all other developed countries by agreeing to craft a 2020 global climate finance roadmap backed up by country projections on what finance they will provide, and through which channels, instruments or funds.

This also needs to include action taken to improve the balance between mitigation and adaptation, ensuring that 50% of PUBLIC finance gets allocated to adaptation.

There is increasing developed country enthusiasm for the role that private finance can play in meeting the $100bn commitment – but private finance will not deliver adaptation action in the world's poorest countries and communities, which vitally requires public finance.

Finally, we look forward to this COP moving the GCF towards full operationalization. This must include an explicit confirmation by the COP that a first round of pledges to the GCF is expected for no later than the Ban Ki-moon summit in 2014.

Thank you. 

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