CAN Intervention: APA Opening, Bonn SB44/APA1, 17th May 2016

~~Dear Co-Chairs,

My name is Fatima Ahouli, I am speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network. The world celebrated when countries agreed to a new international climate treaty at COP21 in Paris. However, if efforts stop here success will quickly fade because the submitted contributions leave us on track for 3ºC instead of 1.5ºC as promised.

In Bonn Parties should deliver a clear work programme for the APA to raise ambition.

Parties must start preparing for the resubmission of NDCs in 2018 at the latest and provide more certainty on climate finance. By taking immediate steps to develop a road map towards the $100 Billion per annum and by including support as a central component of the facilitated dialogue, important ambition in both mitigation and adaptation can be unlocked.

Specific emission reduction initiatives need to be delivered this year, including through scaling up national pre-2020 targets, the LPAA, the technical examination processes and the annual high-level event.

Parties must also come to agreement on how those most vulnerable, already experiencing loss and damage, will be supported.

Finally, we call for a renewed spirit of collaboration between governments and civil society to ensure that our rights are upheld, including the right to meaningfully inform the process.

Thank you.

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