CAN Briefing: UNFCCC Climate Dialogues, November 2020

This year, we have witnessed the multiple and devastating effects of the COVID-19 health, economic and social crisis, environmental destruction, climate impacts, and an economic crisis. COVID-19 has revealed how incapable the systems in place are to protect the health of people, safeguard our rights, provide basic services, and ensure that we can prevent future pandemics. This is a crisis on multiple scales and tackling it from its roots is the only way forward.  Recent climate impacts like the cyclones in South Asia & the Pacific and the floods in east Africa have forced people to huddle in shelters abandoning all physical distancing rules– a cruel choice between catching a deadly virus or perishing in floods. Billions of people are on the frontlines of both COVID-19 and climate change.

CAN expects the Climate Change Dialogues under the leadership of the SB Chairs to keep momentum on global climate action as countries and communities continue to respond to the impacts of this pandemic. CAN looks forward to exchanging on those crucial items that need to be completed by the end of next year most inclusively and transparently. CAN reminds parties and SB Chairs that these dialogues cannot replace formal negotiations to take place next year. This briefing outlines expectations of CAN towards key events and topics of the UNFCCC Climate Change Dialogues.

Download file: http://can_briefing_unfccc_climate_change_dialogues_november2020.pdf

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