CAN Briefing: Second Periodical Review, November 2020

If it were not for the COVID-19 pandemic, the Second Periodical Review (SPR) would be conducted in 2020 as decided in 5/CP.25 at COP 25. While a physical meeting would have been negotiations and decision drafting, a virtual meeting, such as the UNFCCC Climate Change Dialogues should be used as a meaningful starting point for these discussions. In 5/CP.25 it was decided that there would be three meetings of the structured expert dialogue (SED) at sessions of the subsidiary bodies, starting at their fifty-third sessions (November 2020) and being completed at their fifty-fifth sessions (November 2021).
This means that we need to see progress on SPR (and SED) during the Climate Dialogues to not lose in its entirety more than a third of the time allotted to this process before the mandate runs out. For the first (virtual) meeting of the SED in November/December 2020 – there is enough new scientific intelligence e.g. in the different Special Reports of IPCC recently adopted.
In this briefing, Climate Action Network lays out key considerations for the Virtual Structured Expert Dialogue.​

Download file: http://can_briefing_second_periodical_review_november2020.pdf

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