Anabella Rosemberg

Interim Head of Global Political Strategy and Senior Advisor on Just Transition

About Anabella

Anabella Rosemberg is a global expert on the social justice dimension of environmental and climate policies, and has worked notably with the trade union movement in developing and advocating for a Just Transition.

She is from Argentina, born in the Argentinean Patagonia and lives in Paris, France with husband Edouard and daughters Ines and Marta, where she tries to combine passions for environmental and social justice, poetry and football as much as possible.

Anabella has worked as International Programme Director (IPD) at Greenpeace International (2018-2023) and before that, at the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), where she worked globally with unions and other allies in many countries, particularly in the global south, on a range of climate change campaigns and issues.  Anabella has promoted the integration of environmental issues in the labour movement’s work while deploying efforts to mainstream social and labour concerns in environmental debates. Deeply committed to alliance building, Anabella has worked diligently to voice social concerns in environmental processes and to strengthen relations between unions and environmental NGOs and has contributed to scaling up the social discourse in predominantly environmental arenas.

Anabella serves in the Board of WEDO (Women’s Environment & Development Organisation), is currently supporting UNRISD’s Just Transition Collaborative Network, and from September 2023, she will be teaching in her former uni, the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences-Po).

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