EKOenergy Label is a global, nonprofit ecolabel for renewable energy, they use money generated from their label (where energy companies must fulfil extra sustainability criteria) to finance additional projects that combat energy poverty.

You can read more about the project in Balochistan and the work EKOenergy does on their website here

Despite contributing only 0.7% of GHG emissions, Pakistan significantly impacted by climate change due its expansive agriculture and widespread poverty.

With the help of EKOenergy, HARD Balochistan was able to supply solar power to five hard to reach villages in the Khuzdar region.

Solar panels were also installed alongside lighting and fans in five local schools and five health units.

To ensure the long-term function of the project, HARD Balochistan provided training sessions on solar system maintenance for household heads and delivered technical training to 25 young individuals, teaching them how to repair solar systems.

The numerous benefits for the communities included reducing health issues and gender inequalities through replacing traditional energy sources like kerosene, wood, and coal but also minimises environmental pollution.

Solar-powered lighting has enhanced security, allowing extended work hours, fostered community engagement and created better opportunities for children to study at home.

HARD Balochistan has also set up information sessions about climate change and promoted renewable energy solutions for Pakistan.

Renewable energy has provided these communities with electricity, a great example of how communities must not be left behind in the transition to 100% renewable energy.

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