“We are not yet defeated”: Over 1000 people march inside the COP27 venue to demand climate justice

12 November 2022

12 November 2022. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt:
With the slogan “We Are Not Yet Defeated” over a thousand people marched on the morning of 12th of November at COP27 in Egypt to make it clear that civil society will not give up on defending their demands.

Environmental NGOs; the Women and Gender constituency;  Indigenous Peoples organisations; trade unions ; and children and youth NGOs joined the call from the COP27 coalition, a network of African civil society. Due to the restrictions on freedom of association and assembly, and free speech imposed by the Egyptian government in the streets of Egypt , for the first time ever, this Global Day of Action´s big march took place within the Blue Zone (governed by UN rules). 

These actions, taking place within the framework of global mobilisations, demand more ambitious climate policies and climate justice. The world is suffering from multiple climate energy crises, the energy crisis, a global pandemic, and the rising cost of living, among others. Addressing these crises and securing climate, social, and economic justice cannot take place within the boundaries of existing, authoritarian, extractive, neo-colonial, racist, patriarchal systems and societies that close civic space and do not ensure the human rights of all people and communities, particularly those who defend these rights. Governments are refusing to step up and act in the interest of the people and, as a result, the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities continue to suffer whilst they have the least responsibility for causing it. 

Tasneem Essop, Climate Action Network International

 “We cannot have our voices be heard out there today, but we can have our voices be heard in here. When we say we need finance for Loss and Damage, they tell us they have no money. Lies! Because they find the money to fund the fossil fuel industry, they find the money to bail out the fossil fuel industry and they use our taxpayers’ money to subsidize the fossil fuel industry! Are we going to accept that our money will be spent on industries that are killing our people?”

Mohamed Adow, COP27 Coalition 

 “The science of climate breakdown has never been clearer, and seeing the suffering of my fellow Africans facing drought and famine, the impacts have never been more painful. Therefore it’s no wonder that people are rising up across the world to make their voices heard so that they will not stand for inaction from their leaders. Unless more urgency is shown, marches will only be the start. ” 

Nnimmo Bassey, Demand Climate Justice 

“Today we rise as a people, despite the restrictions, to demand our collective rights to a livable future. We demand payment of the climate debt accumulated by centuries of dispossession, oppression and destruction. We need a COP led by the people and not polluters. One that rejects ecocidal, neocolonial false solutions, that will widen the emissions gap, burn Africa and sink small island states and further entrench environmental racism and climate injustice!: 

Photos and Videos of the action can be found here 

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