Go EU Go!

19 June 2019

This morning’s ECO brings exciting news for you!

But first, let’s start with what happened a few months ago. This spring, European citizens, especially the youth, took to the streets and called out loud and clear that they wanted more action on climate from their governments. This you all know. All these people on the streets made the climate emergency THE European election topic in many countries. Across the political spectrum, politicians committed themselves to stronger climate action, and the success of climate champions on the ballots confirmed to decision makers that delay is no longer acceptable and that the time to act is now.

And we really mean now! Tomorrow, Thursday, June 20, European heads of state and government gather in Brussels for an EU Summit to discuss the outcomes and conclusions of these European elections. And the main issue on their agenda is the climate crisis and what the EU can bring to the UNSG Climate Action Summit in September. Instructions for the UNSG Summit are clear: no speeches, but new and ambitious climate action that cuts global emissions by half by 2030. UNSG Guterres also sent a letter to the EU and outlined that this means revising the EU NDC with a target of 55% below 1990 levels by 2030. ECO says it should be at least  a reduction of 65%, so there is still room for improvement.

Admittedly,  the EU might not be able to agree on the new 2030 target tomorrow, but could agree on revising in the months to come. However, it’s looking more and more likely that tomorrow the EU member states will agree on a net zero 2050 target €“ which ECO believes should be for 2040. At the time ECO goes to print the support for net zero among EU members stands at 22 countries. In the last 36 hours, four new member states joined the EU net zero 2050 group! No country has spoken against it. By the time you read this we might be close to a full count, but even if that doesn’t happen, there are still 48 hours to go. Go EU go!

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