CVF Summit Thematic Panel: Stepping Up Climate Ambition to meet the 1.5oC Warming Limit

14 November 2018

13 November 2018

The thematic panel discussions are an important and exciting part of the CVF Summit and the panel “Stepping Up Climate Ambition to Meet the 1.5oC Warming Limit” organized by Climate Action Network (CAN) and partners certainly is no exception. 

The panel will take place on 22 November at 14.00 GMT and will include high-level speakers from Greenpeace, Costa Rica, the New Climate Economy, Ghana/C40, the Netherlands and the IPCC who will be discussing their views on how increased global climate ambition can be pursued in the interest of climate justice and a sustainable future. 

Throughout 2018, a range of global moments have built a drumbeat for increasing climate ambition – calling on governments to step-up their national plans and policies so that all peoples, societies and ecosystems have a chance to survive and thrive. 

Over the course of the discussion we will hear from:

  • IPCC author Daniela Jacob what the IPCC tells us in terms of urgency, opportunities and the scientific findings of a 2 degrees temperature increase; 
  • The Minister of Environment from Costa Rica and the Climate Ambassador from the Netherlands who will share their countries experiences, hopes and commitments contributing to achieving a 1.5 degrees world and what they will do in 2019; 
  • The Executive Director of Greenpeace who will share her views on the challenges and the urgency we face if we go beyond the 1.5 degree for vulnerable countries, in particular. She will also elaborate on why there is hope and what the opportunities for action are;
  • the Mayor of Accra, Ghana who will share what actions Accra is taking to become a climate resilient city; and 
  • The Programme Director of the New Climate Economy who will specifically highlight the economic opportunities strong climate action holds, drawing on the recently released report and case studies on the economic benefits of a low carbon development path.

With the CoP24 in Katowice Poland just 10 days away the global drumbeat to do more and act faster will be further intensified during the Climate Vulnerable Forum Virtual Summit on 22 November. 

The Panel aims to support the call from the CVF Summit to all governments to enhance climate ambition and make a strong political commitment at COP24 towards this end.


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