The Air Pollution and Climate Change Nexus: SLCP’s as a Double Trigger for Action

15 October 2017

Climate change

The mitigation of Short-lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs) has received much attention in the past few years for its potential to lessen health-related impacts of air pollution, prevent major crop losses, and in some cases also slow down global warming.

Join us to learn more about the science and the interlinkages between air pollution, SLCPs and climate change This webinar will include presentations on the science behind the three issues, examples of local policy and civil society initiatives and an outlook to UNEA III.

Air Pollution and Climate Change Nexus: SLCP’s as a Double Trigger for Action Webinar – video


  • Quick action on SLCP’s for quick result with multiple benefits – Drew Shindell – 03:02mins
  • Phillipine membership to the CCAC and national work on SLCP reduction – Alan Silayane – 17:10mins
  • Air pollution, health and climate change. Unmask My City initiative – Anne Stauffer – 33:44mins
  • Fast action, Quick results, Multiple benefits – Helena Molin – 51:18mins

Click the title for the video and pdf’s for each presentation are below

photo courtesy of Unmask My City

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