An Achievement Worthy of Vegemite

11 November 2016

Australia! We’ve had our differences, but today you made ECO smile. Yesterday, we woke to the happy news that you ratified the Paris Agreement. And let’s face it, we all needed a bit of boost! For those who might be surprised, ECO notes that the move was welcomed by leading Australian businesses, investors, unions, and welfare and environment groups—all keen to see a proper integration of climate, energy and economic policy.

And in case it escaped your fellow Parties’ attention, ECO would like to spotlight that Australia found the best pairing since Vegemite on toast by ratifying the Doha Amendment of the Kyoto Protocol at the same time!

In the draft outcome for CMA1, the COP President is urging Parties who have not done so to ratify the Paris Agreement and the Doha Amendment as soon as possible. If you’re yet to do either: follow Australia’s example and ratify both at once.

An Achievement Worthy of Vegemite

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