To Boldly Go…Towards More Ambition

19 May 2016

ECO was discouraged by a lack of ambition during Tuesday’s high-level workshop on implementing NDCs, mainly because we know that merely implementing NDCs is nowhere near enough to keep us on a 1.5°C pathway. The commitments on the table urgently need increased ambition. Let’s take a look and see which new-ish governments could take the lead by revising their commitments.

Canada is coming back, right? Prime Minister Trudeau came into office with a promise to hold a first ministers’ meeting within 90 days of COP21, aimed at forming a national climate strategy. Considering the climate horror of the Harper administration and its inadequate INDC, this would surely result in a new NDC with increased ambition, right?

Well, 160 days after adoption of the Paris Agreement, the “town halls” aren’t set to finish until mid-June. So far, Canada is sticking with its dreadful INDC. But ECO still hopes that the Trudeau government will walk the talk and put forward a new and actually ambitious NDC.

Canada, bring your ambition back up north and you’ll find sunny days!

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull let the world know he thought his predecessor’s climate policy (or lack thereof) was bullsh…we mean kangaroo dung. If taken seriously, Mr. Abbott’s climate record was as unpleasant as biting into an onion, and who would want to do that? Oh wait, he did. So, where is the sweetness of increased ambition from Australia under Mr. Turnbull? Basically, there is nowhere to go but up.

Australia, come on up from down under!

Argentina’s government formally took office during COP21, bringing new airs from one of the biggest countries in South America. The new government has indicated a willingness to ramp up the level of ambition, while saying internal consultations are underway, but so far no process has materialised.

Argentina, your tango we admire, but in time your ambition can and should go higher!

These countries have new opportunities to lead, but they must take the next step and others must follow. Can your country do more? Will you help put us on a 1.5 degree pathway? Sign up below!

To Boldly Go…Towards More Ambition

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