Bishops: ‘Deepen the Discourse’

11 December 2014

Catholic Bishops from around the world came together yesterday to issue a statement calling for an end to the fossil fuel era and for global temperature increase to be kept below 1.5 °C.

While Church leaders have spoken out previously on the subject of climate change, yesterday’s statement is significant as it represents the first time a global group of Bishops have shared their thoughts on the subject in one document.

The statement calls for a ‘deepening of the discourse at COP20’ to ensure concrete decisions are taken in Paris next year, highlighting that a clear roadmap must be adopted and set out how countries will meet predictable and additional finance requirements.

The Bishops “call on all Catholics and people of good will to engage on the road to Paris as a starting point for a new life in harmony with Creation respecting planetary boundaries.”

With Pope Francis expected to release a Papal Encyclical next year on human ecology, the Bishops’ statement may signal the Catholic Church is going to become a more vocal advocate for climate justice.

Bishops: ‘Deepen the Discourse’

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