Will the Paris Agreement have a Dark Side?

5 December 2014

The ADP decision text contains a very important issue for the future of the climate regime. Yet ECO so far has the impression it might well be kept hidden in the Dark Annex Side of the decision text.

Without the ADP Decision’s Annex’s common elements for the INDCs, anything can, and probably will, be submitted as a contribution to the global fight to avoid dangerous climate change early next year. Recycling a gum wrapper or holding in a fart, perhaps?

Lima needs to agree on common complementary information so that the INDCs of all Parties can be readily reviewed and explored for all to understand what is really on the table, whether a genuine commitment to act, or mere accountancy tricks to mask shameful inaction.

This lack of transparency would serve only to further diminish trust in this process and could set a horrible precedent for the integrity of the Paris Agreement itself.

In yesterday’s ADP mitigation session, the US, EU Switzerland and Japan made what sounded like helpful noises on this issue, supporting clarifying elements. Venezuela and EU also called for accounting rules. ECO notes that although this was a mitigation negotiation, complementary information on adaptation, and finance, technology and capacity building is also needed.

Without transparency, the future looks very dark indeed.

Will the Paris Agreement have a Dark Side?

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