Australia moving backwards with a Fossil

11 June 2014

Australia is the lucky recipient of the first Fossil of the Day award here in Bonn in recognition of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's stupendously brazen denial of the catastrophic risks posed by climate change. And to commend him in his recent efforts to form a gang of of "like minded" countries opposed to climate change action. News reports say Abbott  may have co-opted Canada into his new scheme, and is reaching out to other countries including the UK and India in an attempt to "dismantle global moves to introduce carbon pricing."  ECO salutes Abbott's commitment and consistency in his wilful blindness to the crippling economic costs of climate change. 

Abbott must have missed the memo from the IPCC, when he decided to keep climate change out of the G20 talks that it’s hosting later this year, which spells out how climate change is an economic problem. It's already costing us but, it doesn't cost the earth to save the world.

Abbott is clearly looking for recognition of his madcap scheme, and ECO is proud to be among the first to step out and congratulate him for his dedication to the fossilised past. And now, this isn’t a joke, Abbott is actually doing this – sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

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