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24 May 2012

Beautiful but totally isolated country in central Europe desperately seeks a friend with a common interest in coal. Our present so-called friends do not appreciate our tradition of carrying forward iconic things even if they are worthless. They do not understand that possessing the biggest European lignite deposit obliges us to make use of it. They even criticise our veto of EU climate ambition, which we must admit may sometimes seem like an addiction. Seeking new friends with common interests across the Atlantic or in OPEC, but preferably from the EU, so that they join us in our next veto of ambition at the June Energy Council. Mailbox: P00O

LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME for a large, Polish-speaking country. Due to biting, aggressive and possessive behaviour over coal and hot air, E.U. is looking for a new home for one of its members. Suitable for a family that does not plan to have children. Free. Mailbox: E27U

Parties: One classified FREE with every US$1 billion contributed to the GCF!

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