CAN Classifieds

23 May 2012

ECO received so many requests for C.B. in its first classified advert yesterday that it thought more readers might be interested in what other globe-trotting readers had to offer. We think there is something for almost everyone below, and encourage more submissions.

The LCA Moving Companyis now offering services in Canada, the US, Japan and Russia. We’ll move your QELROs and common accounting packages from Kyoto to our head office in LCA by December or you get a free trip to Doha, on us! Code R58B.

FOUND fancy and complete ZCAPs – Visionary, pragmatic and looking for their homes! Detailed and quite the know-it-alls, from everything in the economy to clean technology. Are also very helpful at assisting you reduce those hard-to-lose carbon pounds. If you think you are the developed country that has forgotten about its lost ZCAP, call us to claim it! Code ZX5C.

Rekindled Romance? Lonely European looking for a lost lover with common values.  Last time we crossed paths was in 1997 on a business trip in Japan, and I have a feeling you're still around… I showed you mine, now show me yours!  Code K12P

Delegates — feeling inadequate? Need enhancement? For immediate action, call 1-800-AMBITION today. When it comes to commitments, size matters!” Code G28T

Middle-aged but unused AAUs searching for support to allow retirement. After 5 years of useless hanging around, we feel it’s time to let nature run its course and stop trying to change the system. Code X44T”

Sleepless in Ottawa worried about the her man abandoning his commitments and calling his joke of a pledge ambitious. Any help to get us back to a safer environment greatly appreciated. Code C77A”

With great pleasure and excitement, the international community is happy to announce the birth of the Green Climate Fund. Thanks to support from family, friends and colleagues to get us through a long and difficult in-vitro fertilisation process. Beyond our own expectations, there has been a huge line up of potential godparents of this little creature, and we are anxious to be able to announce incoming donations to help our new family get started.”

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