Open Participation is not a Gadget

9 June 2011

Adaptation negotiators are busying themselves laying the groundwork to operationalize the Adaptation Committee in Durban. In designing the composition and modalities of the Committee, ECO reminds Parties of the importance of taking in the expertise of all relevant stakeholders, including civil society. The principles of the Cancún Adaptation Framework require that adaptation be undertaken in a gender-sensitive, participatory and fully transparent approach, taking into consideration vulnerable groups, communities and ecosystems. The Adaptation Committee also should embrace these principles. The input from stakeholder and experts will greatly enhance the effectiveness, legitimacy and credibility of the Adaptation Committee.

Concrete suggestions to ensure an active, transparent and inclusive working-mode of the Committee include:

  • Open all sessions to accredited observers and webcast them, as does the Adaptation Fund.
  • Allocate specific time for a dialogue with civil society and experts. Moreover, the Adaptation Committee should in cooperation with IGOs, and other NGOs host a biennial international conference to raise the profile for adaptation as part of an international climate regime.

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