[VOICE] My Tuvalu

7 October 2010

Climate Change is one of the very hot issues in Tuvalu and the government is putting in its utmost effort to address this issue at the national level and also at the international level. Citizens of most countries in the world have never heard of our tiny islands in the Pacific. Although I am proud to say that we have the biggest ocean in the whole world and we have lived with the sea all around us for centuries. This way of life is our ancestors' greatest gift to their children and we are in their debt.

This is why we are in this climate fight not because we are saving our lands and our resources for ourselves but rather we are doing it for our children and their offsprings. Our ancestors gave us this beautiful place for us and it has been a tradition to pass on these gifts to our children. We are obligated to do so to the future generations to come. That is why we are must continue to fight whatever the personal costs to us as Tuvalu Civil Society.

It is this uniqueness that makes us so strong and believe in our cause. Our culture and tradition are unique and we would want to maintain it for as long as the earth exists. Climate Change cannot and will not stop us from enjoying our beautiful island, our music ,our bountiful sea ,our livelihoods and most of all our people.

God bless our land and people !

Taukiei Kitara

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