Sustaining Way

Sustaining Way, a 501(c)3 formed January 2012, is an interfaith non-profit that brings together diverse individuals and organizations to find and proliferate affordable ways to care for people while caring for the environment.  The Sustaining Way model employs low-income/jobless individuals to run a mission focused on enabling communities, especially low-income communities, to better provide for themselves through the use of sustainable practices. We do this through the purchase and upgrade of an underutilized property in a strategic location and the selective employment of an individual with skills and passion for sustainability. This individual lives in the home and serves as the house coordinator. The home and landscape are sustainably remodeled to serve as an education center, demonstration site, and as a base of operations for the coordinator in working with the community to proliferate sustainable practices. After a few years of development, the coordinator has the skills necessary and is assisted in finding full employment outside of the mission. Through this model, Sustaining Way intends to create a continuous cycle of bringing individuals and developing them while they empower the community around them. With over 35 partners, our initial project, Annie’s House, is ideally located just off the Swamp Rabbit Trail in the historic downtown Greenville neighborhood of Nicholtown.

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