ECOVISION - The Union for Sustainable Development

EcoVision – the Union for Sustainable Development was founded in 2001 with the purpose to: introduce Sustainable Development concepts, promote environmental awareness and sustainable use of natural resources; facilitate improvement of policy documents and legislation; participate in creation of various protected areas including historical heritage, preservation of biodiversity and cultural legacy, implement social and economical projects and initiatives. EcoVision has fully equipped office  in the center of the city with 20 person meeting room, 9 full-time staff, Part-time–32. EcoVision has strong regional network. The organization has well developed financial system annually audited by external certified auditor. Organization implements several large scale projects across the country.


One of the major focuses of the Union is to raise public awareness though fostering environmental vision in population. The mission of the Union is to support the formation of long term vision and mentality, to uphold a policy of natural resources efficient use thus, minimize a manmade negative impact on the nature.


EcoVision Union is strongly committed to the solution-based programs through synergic approach to handle with the local problems as a part of global concern of world ecosystem. The Union takes a course to respond problems through public participation by encouraging local population to be actively involved in the problems solution. The use of local human resources in their professional and practitioner capacities consolidates effort to successfully meet ecological challenges such as climate change, biodiversity conservation and desertification existing in the country. EcoVison targets the above mentioned through best practices and lessons learned.


Membership of professional organizations/associations:

  • Since 2010 – Official certified member of Clean up the World Campaign;
  • Since 2009 – Pan European NGO Network member;
  • Since 2006 - NGO Focal Point of IPEN (International POPs Elimination Network) in Georgia;

Since 2001–SPARE (International School Project for Application of Resources and Energy) National coordinator in Georgia.

Contact Information: 
0102, Tbilisi, 4 Maznishvili Street