Climate Action Network - South Asia (CANSA)



Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA), has been on the driving seat to pursue “climate change and development” issues both internally within the region and outside the region. It has been a great challenge as well as opportunity for CANSA to continue with a credible platform so that South Asian civil societies could come together and speak out on climate change issues. 

With organisational member of 60 NGOs in 6 countries of South Asia, one of the major strategies of CANSA has been to outreach civil societies in all South Asian countries. This process has been guided by two broad objectives: establishing a strong voice of South Asia in negotiations and contributing to CAN international policy advocacy and lobby work; secondly, targeting SAARC towards a regional cooperation at least from Climate Change perspectives.


Prevent dangerous climate change through awareness and capacity building of all governments and citizens worldwide;

- Protect the global climate from dangerous human interference
- Promote the protection of the global climate from dangerous human interference; and facilitate the radical transformation in the way we use resources, the land and energy;
- Prioritize sustainable development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs;
- Inspire government, business, community, and individual action to this effect;
- Develop an objective understanding of climate change and its causes, and share this information with all people, especially all members
- Organize, support, inspire and co-ordinate its members to take effective action on climate change, as one global voice, in regions, nations and communities

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House 10, Road 16A, Gulshan- 1
1212 Dhaka