Centre for Rule of Law - Islamabad (CROLI)

The Center for Rule of Law, Islamabad (“CRoLI”) is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the creation and utilization of legal knowledge, Rule of Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Human Rights and various other branches of law. We are also dedicated to educating public about the critical importance of protecting the legal rights world-wide.

Over the past few years CRoLI has had the honour of successfully arranging various seminars, conferences, talks and events. The Society has also contributed immensely towards the training of the legal fertility including Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors and Government Officials on issues related to Intellectual Property Rights (“IPRs”).

Our Founding President, Judge (R) Muhammad Majid Bashir, has contributed immensely through his leadership skills and broad knowledge in the field of IPR’s. He has an experience of over 20 years in this field and has specialised in the Niche of IP enforcement. He has written various articles on IPRs and has conducted a huge number of Capacity Building programmes. He also has the honour of training prosecutors and judges at a national level in the Federal Judicial Academy.

At present in his capacity as Legal Expert on IP, he is representing various clients including Microsoft Corporation, EMI Pakistan Limited, Faiz Foundation Trust, Pakistan Tennis Federation, Paramount Publishers and various industries, regarding issues related to IPRs.

Contact Information: 
12,Main Embassy Road G 6/4 Islamabad