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Backsliding by G20 nations on climate is alarming when we need an emergency plan’

26 Jun 2019

The world's largest economies must respond with solutions proportionate to the magnitude of the climate emergency  Bonn, 26 June 2019: In light of the worrying signals that the G20 are sending about their lack of commitment to climate ambition, civil society said that these countries are threatening to exacerbate the climate emergency and push the limits […]

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Glaring vacuum on political leadership threatens to undermine ability to address climate crisis

24 Jun 2019

Bonn, 24 June 2019: Today at the UN climate talks in Bonn, civil society voiced its concerns that the political will and ambition needed to tackle the climate emergency is nowhere in sight. Solving the climate crisis requires political leadership, particularly from the big emitters, who must step up and commit to enhancing their national climate targets by […]

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Updates from week one of the Bonn climate meeting: uneven progress on technical issues

23 Jun 2019

Bonn, 22 June 2019: Mid-way through the intersessional UN climate negotiations in Bonn, CAN members say progress has been sluggish on countries’ cooperation to meet their Paris commitments or Article 6, on loss and damage and the implementation cycle of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), known as common timeframes. Civil society set clear expectations for decisions […]

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World Refugee Day: We need solidarity and strong international mandates to assist those displaced by climate impacts

20 Jun 2019

  Civil society calls on negotiators in Bonn to set strong terms of reference for the review of the Warsaw International Mechanism in COP25   Bonn, 20 June 2019: As the climate emergency unfolds and drives people out of their homes, civil society of Climate Action Network demand that negotiators meeting for the Bonn climate talks […]

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Call for EU to commit to stronger climate ambition ahead of EU Council meeting

19 Jun 2019

Bonn, 19 June 2019: The EU can demonstrate genuine climate leadership by announcing at the European Council meetings tomorrow that they will enhance their 2030 targets and mobilize support for developing countries to implement climate plans to keep warming below 1.5°C. EU countries must clearly state that they will heed the calls for concrete climate action […]

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We risk devastating warming of 3 or 4 degrees Celsius if renewables are not more aggressively and rapidly deployed and energy efficiency enhanced in all sectors

18 Jun 2019

CAN urges all governments to act faster and more vigourously to respond to the climate emergency, based on findings of the REN21 Renewables Global 2019 Status Report.   18 June 2019 – We are still banking on a dangerous fossil fuel world and governments are not maximizing the benefits of transitioning to clean renewables, according […]

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‘Protecting primary forests and allowing them to grow is vital to tackling the climate and ecological crisis’

18 Jun 2019

Nature-based solutions must be among first line of options to cut emissions and strengthen revised NDCs, due in 2020     Bonn, 18 June 2019: In the face of the twin emergencies we are facing – of rapid loss of species and biodiversity  and climate change, protecting our natural heritage is the best route to a healthy and […]

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Civil society calls on climate negotiators in Bonn to respond to the climate emergency

17 Jun 2019

Bonn, 17 June 2019: On the first day of the Bonn climate meeting, SB50, Climate Action Network (CAN) members said negotiators must advance discussions on loss and damage, finance and climate ambition to adequately respond to the climate emergency that is affecting people. To respond effectively to increasing climate impacts, this Bonn session must set strong terms […]

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Civil society stands in solidarity with ‘Fridays For Future’ global student strikes

14 Mar 2019

  Thursday 14 March, 2019 – Decades of dependence on a carbon-based economy has produced grave injustices on a global scale. Our children, grandchildren and the many vulnerable communities and species on the planet now have to carry the burden of a crisis that they have not caused. The youth are forced to act like […]

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Message from the Board of Directors of Climate Action Network International

13 Feb 2019

13 February 2019 The CAN International Board of Directors (the Board) is very pleased to announce its appointment of Ms Tasneem Essop as the Interim Executive Director for CAN International (the Secretariat). Her appointment is for six months, effective from 1 February 2019. During this time the Board will initiate an open and transparent process that will lead to the […]

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