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IPCC Report confirms world is on the brink of breaching major tipping points, near-term climate action is critical

9 Aug 2021

Rapid phase out of fossil fuels to reduce emissions drastically within this decade is the only course of action to keep Paris Agreement temperature goal of 1.5°C in sight Full IPCC WG1 reportPress Conference by IPCC on launch of the report 09 August 2021: The IPCC WG1 Report was published today as part of the […]

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CAN Executive Director Tasneem Essop reacts to The COP26 Five-Point Plan for Solidarity, Fairness and Prosperity developed by Power Shift Africa, ACT2025 Consortium and the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities:

15 Jul 2021

Rising climate impacts, the Covid19 pandemic and escalating debt crises in low-income countries make it clear that the only solution to address multiple crises is to strive for international solidarity, fairness and prosperity for all. This new report: COP26 Five-Point Plan for Solidarity, Fairness and Prosperity published by organisations from the global South, including PowerShift […]

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CAN welcomes landmark joint study by IPCC-IPBES on biodiversity loss and climate change

10 Jun 2021

10 June 2021: The launch of the first ever peer-reviewed workshop report today by the IPCC and the IPBES marks an important step in studying the intersection of the  biodiversity crisis and the climate crisis.In examining how these twin crises reinforce each other and perpetuate social inequality and poverty, the report makes timely recommendations on […]

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G7 Summit: “Leaders of the richest nations have a unique moment to stand on the right side of history ”

9 Jun 2021

Enabling access to vaccines globally and new commitments to scale up climate finance are two key areas that G7 leaders must deliver on this weekend at their Cornwall Summit Resources:  9 June Recording of the CAN Press Briefing CARE Report: Hollow Commitments: An analysis of developed countries’ climate finance plans Letter from 100+  economists to the […]

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Indifference from rich countries to urgently scale up finance could spell disaster for COP26, warn civil society representatives

2 Jun 2021

02 June 2021: Midway through 2021, civil society organisations from Climate Action Network are deeply concerned about the lack of substantial progress from developed countries on meeting their climate finance obligations under the Paris Agreement.   The Leaders’ Climate Summit hosted by President Biden, the Petersberg Climate Dialogue hosted by Chancellor Merkel, the Africa Summit hosted by […]

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Civil society representatives react to the Leaders’ Climate Summit

23 Apr 2021

April 22, 2021: The Leaders’ Climate Summit today brought together over 40 world leaders to outline ambitious and new actions that will steer the world to a 1.5C pathway. Current climate targets, including announcements made today by the US, Japan, and Canada, fail to meet that level of ambition to avert climate catastrophe. These are […]

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Leaders’ Climate Summit: US must show it’s ready to pay the international debt it owes towards equitable & just climate action, say civil society representatives

21 Apr 2021

Recording of the press briefing RESOURCES:USA Fairshares NDCMedia backgrounder from the Global Gas and Oil Network 20 April 2021: Ahead of the Leaders’ Climate Summit on 22 and 23 April, hosted by President Biden of the United States of America, speakers at a press conference organised by Climate Action Network (CAN) and the Global Gas and […]

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“Governments are failing to keep warming below 1.5°C”

26 Feb 2021

Members of Climate Action Network react to the interim Synthesis Report published today that shows collective ambition of nationally determined contributions submitted so far.

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Climate Adaptation Summit 2021: Usual reassurances to act on climate crisis but no new finance to match words to action

26 Jan 2021

The Climate Adaptation Summit concludes today with the launch of the Adaptation Action Coalition, a new international coalition launched by the UK COP26 Presidency to turn political commitments into adaptation action on the ground. But no new and additional financial pledges were made by rich countries to specifically support adaptation.

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“World leaders must recognise youth as climate advocates in the streets AND in decision-making spaces”

17 Dec 2020

17 December 2020: Young people around the world have been instrumental in mobilising for climate action and leading public demand for a transformational response from governments to the climate and ecological crises. Speakers at a youth-focused press briefing hosted today by Climate Action Network reminded world leaders that distant plans to cut emissions and a failure […]

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