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22 May 2024

No hay justicia climática sin derechos humanos. Rafah está siendo atacada a pesar de todas las advertencias hechas a Israel por parte de la ONU, sus agencias, gobiernos y organizaciones de la sociedad civil de todo el mundo. No existe un lugar seguro en Gaza.  Desde la invasión israelí de Rafah cientos de civiles han […]

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شبكة العمل المناخي – CAN  بيان حول غزة

22 May 2024

لا يوجد مكان آمن في غزة. تتعرض رفح للهجوم على الرغم من كل التحذيرات الموجهة إلى إسرائيل بعدم الاجتياح، من الأمم المتحدة ووكالاتها، والحكومات والمجتمع المدني في جميع أنحاء العالم. منذ الاجتياح الإسرائيلي لرفح، قُتل المزيد من مئات المدنيين، معظمهم من النساء والأطفال. وبذلك يرتفع إجمالي عدد القتلى الفلسطينيين إلى أكثر من ٣٥،٠٠٠ حتى الآن، […]

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Climate Action Network (CAN) statement on Gaza

16 May 2024

There is no climate justice without human rights. Nowhere is safe in Gaza. Rafah is now under attack despite all of the warnings to Israel to not invade, from the UN, its agencies, governments and civil society across the world.   Since the Israeli invasion of Rafah, hundreds more civilians have been killed, mainly women and […]

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G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers’ communique: media reaction

1 May 2024

In response to the G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers’ joint communique, published on 30th April 2024, new tangible, measurable commitments are few and far between, while the 35-page document does cover some substantial thematic ground. The commitment to phase out unabated coal in the first half of the 2030s is not only inadequate but […]

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CAN reacts with shock to the exclusion of civil society representatives from IEA 50th Anniversary Ministerial

13 Feb 2024

The IEA Ministerial started from the 13th of February, 2024 and runs for three days. CAN is calling out the lack of civil society representation at these events.

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COP28: New Path to Transition Away From Fossil Fuels Marred by Lack of Finance and Loopholes

13 Dec 2023

Press Release New path to transition away from fossil fuels marred by lack of finance and loopholesCOP28 in Dubai sends an important signal on the end of fossil fuels but leaves more questions than answers on how to ensure a fair and funded transition that is based on science and equity 13 December, Dubai: Climate […]

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COP28: Pressure mounts for agreement on equitable fossil fuel phase out deal and on adaptation

9 Dec 2023

“More finance needed from developed countries who must take a lead in making the polluters pay if we are to achieve fossil fuel phase out breakthrough.”    LINK TO WEBCAST 9 December, Dubai: At a press briefing by Climate Action Network (CAN), civil society leaders demanded a roadmap that will deliver on a fossil fuel […]

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Civil society leaders deeply concerned over inadequate COP progress as week one concludes

6 Dec 2023

PRESS RELEASE  Adaptation is the “forgotten stepchild” in negotiations as delay in finance commitments from developed nations puts lives and livelihoods at risk LINK TO WEBCAST 6 December, Dubai: At a press briefing by Climate Action Network (CAN), civil society leaders expressed their deep concern at the pace of climate negotiations and called for the […]

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Press Release: “Fossil fuel companies getting away with murder as COP28 sees lobbyist explosion” 

5 Dec 2023

  Study reveals that nearly 2,500 fossil fuel delegates are in COP28 and another report shows one year’s emissions from Europe’s nine major oil and gas companies could cause around 360,000 temperature-related future premature deaths  LINK TO WEBCAST 5 December, Dubai: At a press briefing by Climate Action Network (CAN), Greenpeace revealed a study showing […]

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COP28: “We need strong financial commitments not a festival of false solutions” 

4 Dec 2023

Campaigners call for the immediate release of jailed Ugandan activists LINK TO WEBCAST 4 December, Dubai: Speakers at the Climate Action Network (CAN) press briefing today said the rich nations of the global north have an obligation to increase climate finance to alleviate the suffering of the billions of people already being impacted by the climate […]

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