Blog 08.10.20 The EBRD has announced its new president – Congratulations to Odette Renaud-Basso!

8 Oct 2020

Congratulations to Odette Renaud-Basso as the new president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the first woman to hold the permanent presidency of a major multilateral development bank.

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Blog 17.09.20 Who will be the next president of the EBRD? (And why Big Shift Global members care)

17 Sep 2020

Whoever becomes president of the EBRD must lead the bank quickly and decisively to act on climate change and energy access for all.

In the context of COVID-19 recovery, public money must be used to improve resilience for everyone and especially the most vulnerable who are worst affected by the COVID-19 and climate crises.

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Amazon fires: a climate disaster

15 Sep 2020

The Amazon, the world’s largest carbon sink and most biodiverse region, is burning. The forest fires are now spreading into virgin forests, deforesting millions of hectares across the region, affecting people’s health during a pandemic. Some of our colleagues in the region describe this climate disaster and what urgently needs to be done to recover from it.

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2 month countdown to Finance in Common summit

8 Sep 2020

September marks two months until the Finance in Common Summit – the first ever meeting of all 450 public development banks. Development banks that hold $11.2 trillion in public assets. With huge amounts of public money being spent as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, decisions made now, including during the summit, about how to use these funds must include the acceleration of a sustainable, just recovery.

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Blog 21.08.20: Climate Change Commitments and World Bank Group investments in Argentina: Are investments aligned with Climate change commitments?

21 Aug 2020

The World Bank Group (WBG) recognizes climate change as a threat to global development that increases instability and contributes to poverty, fragility, and migration. In response to this challenge, in 2016 the WBG launched the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP), which established general objectives for 2020 to create policies that strengthen resilience to the impacts of the climate change and the promote decarbonization, while alleviating poverty.

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Tackling Climate Crisis in Uganda through Tree Planting

5 Aug 2020

VOICES FROM THE FRONTLINES: Tackling Climate Crisis in Uganda through Tree Planting 31 July 2020 By: John Mary Odoy, CAN-Uganda Board Chair Uganda’s NDCs National Adaptation Plan of Action (NAPA) emphasizes the need to plant trees  as one way of increasing forest coverage which was 21% of total land coverage in Uganda in 1960s, but came […]

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African CSOs call for ambitious targets and increased investment in energy access by the World Bank Group

22 Jul 2020

Recommendations for Energy LEAP from African Civil Society

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All Coalition members must support a “Better Recovery, Better World” and subscribe to it: A report that must translate words into action

22 Jul 2020

Reaction to the Coalition of Finance Ministers Climate Action Report “Better Recovery, Better World” by CAN International. Last week, the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action, issued a report,  “Better Recovery, Better World”. This report, drafted by the LSE Grantham Institute and the Brookings Institution, with contributions by Coalition members and international organizations spells […]

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Blog 24.06.20 The World Bank is Failing Nigeria on Climate Goals and Energy Access

24 Jun 2020

The world is faced with an accelerating climate crisis and is already experiencing unprecedented extreme weather events. In Nigeria, 24 percent of the population or about 41 million people live in areas of high climate risks from storm surges, coastal and inland flooding, wildfires and drought. These climate risks further exacerbate the severe fragility and natural resource-based conflicts in Nigeria. Moreover, people living in poverty are the most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

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Lakes and Rivers in Uganda have gone crazy; Reclaim what belongs to them

24 Jun 2020

VOICES FROM THE FRONTLINES: Lakes and Rivers in Uganda have gone crazy; Reclaim what belongs to them 24 June, 2020 By: John Mary Odoy, Climate Ambition Ambassador, CAN-Uganda It is believed that nature only claims what belongs to it and that it severely reacts to an attack and it is also believed that water has a […]

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