Let’s fight for the #WorldWeWant: How to engage and participate in a collective push

23 Jul 2021

HOW TO ENGAGE  Share the stories widely on all social media channels. Use this letter template to pressure your government representatives to act. Become a citizen journalist and share stories and footage about impacts. To do so contact us here. Use your vote and voice to choose candidates that include climate policies and action in […]

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The Invention of the COP26 Compass

18 Jun 2021

Dear Delegates,  Do you know how the compass was invented? In ancient China, people found out about the specific movements of magnetic metal if formed and positioned in the right way. However, until Chinese sailors discovered the practical usefulness for navigation, what resembles a compass was used for fortune-telling. When hearing the presidency speak about […]

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Climate change and Pandemic – India devastated by double whammy!

16 Jun 2021

On the same day the country confirmed its highest-ever daily death toll from COVID-19, confirmed 4,329 deaths from COVID-19, it was also hit by a deadly storm.  On May 18 2021, Cyclone Tauktae barreled into India’s west coast overnight packing wind gusts of up to 130 miles per hour — some of the strongest on […]

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Introducing CAN Zimbabwe

16 Jun 2021

The Climate Action Network Zimbabwe (CANZIM) is a registered  coalition of civil society organisations in Zimbabwe interested or working on climate and developmental issues in Zimbabwe. CANZIM aims to be a powerful national  network of civil society organisations in Zimbabwe driving collective and sustainable action to fight the climate crisis and to achieve social and […]

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BREAKING: COP26 will take place in space

14 Jun 2021

ECO has heard COP26 will be held in space so we can escape the pandemic! Forget about electric buses. Elon Musk and SpaceX will be special sponsors and ensure equitable participation of all parties and observers. It’s clear: Aerosols don’t spread as fast in empty space… ECO heard. And if there is a COVID outbreak, […]

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The challenge of connecting the dots

12 Jun 2021

Dear Delegates, ECO has done some more research on the human brain and psychology. How do we approach solving complex problems? How are our brains wired, when we are, again and again confronted with … the same old, complicated challenge such as finding solutions to common timeframes, market mechanisms or how to fulfill a 10-year […]

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Dress Up!

7 Jun 2021

Dear Delegates, ECO is sure over the past year of zoom sessions, delegates must also have seen some people joining videos all dressed up for the camera while still wearing their pyjama shorts. Given the time in the day these sessions take place such an outfit only seems fitting – ECO applauds all the individual […]

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The Matrix continued – entering virtual reality, exiting, re-entering and getting shut out

5 Jun 2021

Dear Delegates, What a virtual Party this is – seeing friends via video screen in their homes in their countries of origin at odd hours – and time flies as we have already reached the end of the first week.  As ECO noted at the beginning of this virtual session: amazing news that this virtual […]

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Welcome to the Matrix

31 May 2021

Dear Delegates, Did you see the Matrix? The film where humans are plugged into a virtual reality world and think it’s real. In fact, the film was actually first released on June 17! The last day of this intersessionals, 22 years ago – coincidence? Yes, ECO welcomes you to Bonn the Matrix! ECO read with […]

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Briefing: Virtual SB 2021

25 May 2021

The climate crisis is worsening even as the pandemic continues. While COVID-19 slowed down climate diplomacy in 2020, CAN welcomes the June SB session and the emphasis of the UNFCCC Bureau Decision on inclusivity and transparency to “enhance openness, transparency and inclusiveness, effective participation and engagement of observers will be enabled in the same manner […]

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