CAN Reaction to the US Elections

The Biden-Harris administration has won this victory on the back of a strong grassroots movement that has laid the groundwork for the fight for democracy, and transformative climate action. We salute and stand by our friends and allies in the United States who worked so hard to make this happen and together we will fight to keep political leaders accountable to the people.

The US must seize this moment to confront the full scale of the climate emergency. It must stop pouring billions into fossil fuels and must lead in the managed decline of fossil fuel production and ensure a Just Transition for workers. The re-entry of the U.S. into the Paris Agreement must be the basis for paradigm shift in its climate leadership as a major emitter, to step up its obligations on equitable and transformative climate action, both at home and internationally.

The Biden team must build international solidarity and set ambitious near-term and long-term national climate targets in line with principles of fair-share and equity that deliver on the 1.5C goal. This must include substantial finance for developing countries to make up for the shortfall in support to vulnerable countries.