Fossil of the Day

Australia gets another Oi, to its Oi Oi Oi with 4th Fossil of the Day Award (4 out of 10, ouch)

11 Dec 2014

US and Japan in fossil double for trying to oust adaptation and loss & damage

10 Dec 2014

Australia displays willful ignorance on scope for climate action

9 Dec 2014

Peru dragged back by leaden government policies

8 Dec 2014

Saudi Arabia spreads prejudice in the process

6 Dec 2014

Australia doubles down with dodgy call to bail on Green Climate Fund

5 Dec 2014

Australia Wins Fossil on Lost and Damaged Position on Loss and Damage

4 Dec 2014

Bully Boys from Switzerland Win Fossil Over Finance Threat

3 Dec 2014

Japan Climate Finance Funding False Start Wins Fossil

2 Dec 2014

Missing Money for the Green Climate Fund earns first Fossil from Lima Climate Talks

1 Dec 2014

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