Fossil of the Day

Fossil Day 7: From Russia with love (and smoke!)

16 Nov 2022

Fossil Day 6: Turkey, a Statement of Confusion

15 Nov 2022

Fossil Day 5: New Zealand’s midnight disappointment

14 Nov 2022

Fossil Day 4: While hundreds march for climate reparations, the US remains unmoved on delivering its debt 

12 Nov 2022

Fossil Day 3: Decarbonisation Day – Fossil Bonanza!

11 Nov 2022

Fossil Day 2: Egypt: no protesters allowed, but a very warm welcome to fossil fuel lobbyists.

10 Nov 2022

Fossil Day 1: COP27: First ´Fossil of the Day´goes to… Japan

9 Nov 2022

Colossal Fossil of the Day 12 November 2021 – Australia

12 Nov 2021

Fossil of the Day 11 November 2021 – UK and New Zealand

11 Nov 2021

Fossil of the Day 10 November 2021 – Australia and Brazil

10 Nov 2021

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